Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Noticing {Day 19}


We got a zoo calendar in the mail, and my parents shared theirs so that both girls would have one for their rooms. K got busy yesterday, writing birthdays in hers. I gave her a sticky note to copy down "Happy Birthday" on each, then helped with names and dates. 

She now wants to write everything in her calendar so she knows "how many days" till each thing. 

School artwork (can't save it all):

Annnnnd...I caught Maisy (black) in the nesting box yesterday, and sure enough, 10 minutes later she left us an egg. It's like Christmas at the Collins house, and not because I'm playing Bing Crosby from sun up to sun down. 

I had been worried about where they would end up laying, as they sleep in their nesting boxes. They are supposed to sleep on the roost bars, but the guy who made our coop put the boxes higher than the roosts. Chickens will naturally want to sleep at the highest point. 
Anyway, there are three boxes, and they sleep (and poop. Excessively) in two. Maisy is laying in the third (clean) one. Amazing!

Austen got to collect today.

Another small, yet perfect egg. I didn't make my family eat it for dessert again -- we'll save up until we get another one so the girls can have them for breakfast. I love this so much!

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