Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hawaii #5

We are driving into Lahaina again today, giving me a bit of post time. :)

Yesterday, we all woke up after 7. That was the latest I've slept this whole trip, which is completely fine but felt good.

My parents were generous enough to stay with the girls while Jeff and I went for a 4.5 mile run on the beach and boardwalk. We got out later than we would have had we planned it, so it was a bit hot but okay. As much as I love my solo runs--and prefer them, really--it was so nice to get out together. Jeff and I used to run together all the time before his various ailments required him to take so much time off (he exercises regularly--running just hasn't been in the cards much over the past few years). Anyway, it was fun to get out on the beach, and the boardwalk provided great people/fancy hotel watching, as well as an ocean view. Can't complain.

We then hung out at the pool, where Kaitlyn became even more of a fish. She was swimming with her head under water (with a Floatie on) and "diving" in off the step (hands above her head, squatting down and gliding into the water).

Austen reached her sun/pool limit and had a melt down, so she and Mama went up to the room to make lunch. We ate by the pool, swam for a few more minutes, then A decided she wanted to go back to the room and rest. I took her back up, where she told me that she didn't want a nap, but asked for milk and her "Mimi." She curled up in a chair, finished her milk and zonked out.

We have finally figured out that she needs a nap on vacation, and she's much better for it (and still goes to bed fine, as opposed to at home if she naps). I think we forget sometimes that she's younger than K, since they play together and do all of the same things at the same pace.

She started in the chair, and progressively made it down to the floor (pics to follow, of course). K came up shortly after and out herself to sleep in the bedroom.

I found a really neat gecko on the wall, and became slightly obsessed with it.

After naps and some snuggle time, Jeff and I got ready for our date night. The boys went into town to rent snorkel gear for my dad and pick up Panda Express for the girls. They stayed with Grammie and Papa while we drove to Lahaina to have dinner at Kimos. Just like on our honeymoon, we got a table on the railing with a beautiful view of the sunset (well, the sun was in my eyes for half the meal, but it was worth it).

Jeff ordered the prime rib with yummy garlic mashed potatoes and veggies and I had the coconut crusted fish with rice and veggies. And we shared, because that's how we do it. Mai Tai, wine, and beer topped off a scrumptious meal (between the two of us :))

After dinner, we walked around Lahaina for a bit and stopped to have one more drink at the Cheeseburger in Paradise bar, upstairs. I am a sucker for cheesy cover music.

We all went to bed when we got home, and slept great other than a wake up from Austen--went back to sleep on her own--bad dream?

This morning, the girls didn't wake up until around 7, and Jeff and Papa went out for a quick snorkel.

I went outside to find K sitting in a deck chair, just gazing out at the view. Pretty serene little 4 year old moment.

After getting all prettied up, we have all hopped in the car to Lahaina to have a picture taken (something The Clan does every year and recommended to us) and to spend the day at their place. The girls are excited for the pirate ship and kiddie pool.

More later!

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