Tuesday, November 11, 2014

November {One}

Well, I'm officially a year behind in blogging. Here is part of what we've been up to in the first week of November:

Puzzles. Austen inparticular has found a renewed love for puzzles. They are even better with tinted goggles.

Kaitlyn got her free birthday cupcake from the Barnes and Noble Kids' Club. This is one of the many things of parenthood I absolutely love: The simple ways to make their week.

I found this in Austen's night stand drawer. I love that K gave it to her, and I love that she's been keeping it in a safe place. The girls have always been besties, but since school started up again, there has been more loving and less fighting. They are the best pair, and we feel so lucky. 

The other morning, they got up before us and played Crazy Eights for about an hour before we came downstairs. 

Mornings are the best. The girls get up early enough that we have down time before school. I am up anyway, so this time is welcome. Our mornings don't feel rushed, and I love that. 

I have started a long term sub job at LFP (where I went and where K goes) for a 5/6 split class. I decided last year that I wanted to work at this school and that I was going to go out of my normal comfort zone to see if I could make it happen. Here I am. It's not a contracted job, but it's a start! I'm excited to be at such a great school, and to be in the same building as KK.

Snuggles with all three of my kids.
Oh, how he can be a stinker, but he's our baby and I've always been partial to his snuggles. 

The girls played on the same soccer team for their first season. The Red Flashes consisted of players of all skill levels and concentration, but (most of) the games and practices were fun, and we hope that they will continue with soccer. I made some of my closest friends through team sports, and it did so much more for me than keep me in shape.

Justin and Erin brought Jeff and I to the Seahawks game this past weekend. Great times with good friends! 

Happy November.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

October {K Field Trip, Hayden, etc.}

Proud Mommy alert up there. I almost cried when Kaitlyn got on her teacher's daily news for being the gateholder and taking out the recycle. How am I going to handle Kindergarten?!
I got to go on K's field trip to the pumpkin patch. This is definitely one of those times where I need to learn to put down the camera and just experience it. But, this was the first field trip I've gotten to go on and was overly obsessed with capturing everything...

We have watched Hayden here and there while Aunt Stacey works. This day we walked to the park. I ended with thinking "I could handle three...piece of cake!" Then, we watched her again on not such a good day. My foot was in my mouth for almost the entire 10 hours.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Remlinger Farms and Monroe Fair

In August, the girls and I went to Remlinger Farms. It was one of those perfect days - although could have been a little cooler - that I know I will always remember, with or without pictures. We had a blast.

Train rides, pony rides (Peaches and Coconut were favorites), way-to-expensive lunch at the cafe, face painting, K riding the roller coaster all by herself, chickens, sprinklers to keep cool...

We went to the Monroe (Evergreen State) Fair twice, of course. Once with Daddy and once just with my parents. My favorite memories from this year were petting horses with the girls and K riding the "grown up roller coaster" with me. We both screamed and laughed and loved it! I love my roller coaster loving girl -- just like her mama.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Blog Book Catch-Up

(Here you go, Mom--you inspired me to get going on this;).) The next cluster of who-knows-how-many posts will be shoving in pictures from 2013 for our blog book. It's overwhelming, which is why I've been procrastinating, but it's so worth it to have those books (to us).

Mom's 60th birthday party at the cabin:

Monday, December 2, 2013

Noticing {Day 30 and an Extra}

On Saturday, part of our Central group met in Ellensburg for lunch. I met a few girls in North Bend and we rode over together. We met the rest at the Yellow Church Cafe for a nice (loud) lunch. The service was possibly the slowest I'd ever encountered, but it made time for more catching up, and more belly laughs.

We met because one of us is having a rough patch. So, we picked a day that worked for most and made the drive (half of us are on this side of the mountains; the other, not).

I feel so blessed to have this group of friends. No, beyond blessed. To be a part of these women who support each other so much, and would make a four hour round trip drive (if they weren't already out of town) to meet for lunch to support a friend. I am lucky to know them, and I'm lucky to have ended up at Central during my college journey.

Jeff had already made plans for the day, so the girls went to Grandma and Grandpa's. They had a blast -- making and decorating sugar cookie cut-outs, and when I got there to pick up, they were in their bedroom with the light off, eating popcorn and watching the lights from their stuffed animals. I was told to leave when I opened the door. ;)


Thankful for good, trustworthy neighbors who watch out for us. Three doors down noticed a package on our doorstep and knew we were out, so he took it and left a note because there has been a lot of package theft with the holidays (not in our area, to my knowledge). Said he hoped he wasn't being too forward -- I said you go ahead and be forward -- reminders that there are plenty of good people in this world.

Thankful for finding just the right gifts. These two books showed up on Zulily a few weeks ago. Kaitlyn always tells me, "I love you bigger than the earth/world!" and I told the girls a little while back, as they were tossing pennies in a fountain, that they were my wishes come true. Perfect.

Mr. Elf is back. The girls are SO excited (particularly K). Austen is slightly disgusted because when he filled their advent calendars, he put a Squinky in the first one, and a piece of gum in the second. She was expecting another Squinky this morning, dammit. Ahh...the Christmas spirit from a 3 year old.

His presence doesn't make them behave any better, but they sure do love having him. He is sledding down the banister as we speak.

I stayed up until about one in the morning the night Mr. E came. I do my best work when I make it past that tired point and into the delirium. The house got decorated as Chevy Chase and his crew had their Christmas Vacation.

"Mr. Elf is here!!"

 Jeff found a couple of my mini trees in the garage and brought them up for the girls. They are resourceful little things and went right to work decorating them (without bending the branches down...kinda of a Grinch look).

 Austen continues to steal my phone and practice her photography. She'll take a picture, then immediately flip to the camera roll to scroll through. I think she thinks she's pretty big stuff.

We rearranged the girls' rooms this weekend. Both Jeff and I used to love doing this as kids (still finding out new hubby trivia after nine years). So fun. They need some more organizing, but the girls are over the moon.

Austen gave me a pedi this morning:

They were fighting ten minutes before having a good hour stretch of play. I was, again, told to leave the room...

Both girls got overdue haircuts today. I feel better.

Austen before and after:

K after -- oops!

An unexpected two eggs in the far right nesting box:

The expected one egg in the far left:

And a creepy soft-shelled egg that I'd read about but not seen (yes, I'm putting this on my blog):

Equals...four layers! Hopefully the softy will figure itself out. I *think* that can be common for beginners. I'll watch it for a bit and supplement feed if needed.

And this one was a little funky, too (but hard):