Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fun With Paige

Travis, Kara, and Paige came over for a playdate this weekend, and I think the girls had too much fun. Paige and Kaitlyn are almost three months apart. It was quite the scene to watch/listen to them all night! :-) There was... Doll-playing:
MISCHIEF! We should have realized that they were too quiet...they emptied every.single.item out of Austen's drawers. Oh well, looks like they had fun doing it!

What I imagine they are thinking: Kaitlyn "Oh, hey Mom." Paige, not having noticed that they've been caught: "Hey Kaitlyn, this looks like it would fit that doll I had earlier."
Kaitlyn: "Ohh nooo...I hope we don't get trouble!" Paige: "Well, this one would be really cute on her, too...what do you think?"
Crib jumping (Kaitlyn wearing evidence from the room-trashing, and they did get in there on their own):

Checking out Toy Story 3:
This next sequence of pictures took place between about 9:30 and 10:30 p.m., when delirium had set in. Shrieking, giggling, somersaults, booty-shaking, circle-running, etc.:

This would be Paige's booty shaking:

Water break:
Jeff dragging them on a sleeping bag:
Kara wanted a turn, too ;-)
And so ends my spring break...can't wait till summer! :-)

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