Monday, September 27, 2010

Stats, Solids, and Cooking with Toddlers

Jeff took Austen to her 6 month check-up today. Here are her stats:

Weight: 19lbs. 7oz. (96th %)
Height: 26 3/4 in. (83rd %)

We gave her "solids" for the first time this weekend. As you can see, she was not a fan the first day.

Here is the next day. Hmm...I think she changed her mind.
Within about a week, she has gone from sitting up with assistance (leaning against her legs or the floor), to sitting for quite a long time without holding herself up. I forget how quickly they catch on to things. So amazing!

Watching Sissy play with her ball:
This next section fits into the category of proud parents. We do understand that you may not find this to be the "cutest thing you've ever read," but I'll write it like you will. ;-)
Kaitlyn is really into her play kitchen, and it has been so fun in the past month or so watching her imaginative play really develop. She washes her hands in her sink, cooks things in the microwave, makes sure to turn on the oven light while she's cooking, seasons her creations, picks up the pan to shake it back and forth before putting it back on the burner (you know, so it doesn't burn), blows on her "hot food," etc. It's incredibly cute if you ask her parents. ;-) I like to sneak in and watch her for a while when she doesn't know I'm there.
I thought she was cooking breakfast (peas) for me yesterday morning, but it turned out it was all for Ernie. Oh well, maybe next time! He's actually getting applesauce here:

Warming rice in the microwave:

Putting green sauce on Mama's (later to become Ernie's) eggs:
Happy Monday!

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