Saturday, October 16, 2010

Our Little Monster

I found this dinosaur (is that what it is?) costume at the consignment store for Austen. It's pretty hard not to laugh seeing her in it. :-) She is looking forward to her first Halloween!

Jeff and I tag team bedtime, and he usually ends up putting Kaitlyn down while I'm with Austen. They have developed their own little bedtime routine, where Kaitlyn sits on the edge of her crib with the window open and they look for stars. This usually triggers a round or two of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." Cutest.Thing.Ever. I couldn't pass up the sneak-in picture...we'll want this documented for later. :-)
This is usually what happens at some point after Jeff gets home from work (the napping on the floor, not the blocks). Kaitlyn took advantage of a sleeping daddy:

Austen graduated to the ducky tub when she started sitting up. She LOVES baths, which is the polar opposite of how Kaitlyn was. What a relief, because bath time was not fun time with her big sister. :-)

And just for a flashback, here is Kaitlyn in the tub right around the same. This is during the week that she actually halfway enjoyed baths before going back to hating them.

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