Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pacific Beach, Wa

Bonnie (Jeff's mom) found this adorable house for an ocean getaway with the family. We left for Pacific Beach on Thursday, and got back today (Sunday). We had a blast!

Kaitlyn teaching Austen on her Magnadoodle:
Kaitlyn and Grandpa Roger doing their morning reading:
Grandma Bonnie helping Kaitlyn with her kite:

Stacey's froggy kite :-)
Playing in the sand with Aunt Stacey:

Kaitlyn's kite...thank you, Aunt Stacey!

Kaitlyn loves Grandma and Grandpa's dog, Molly :-)
Hangin' out at the snack table...she's definitely our daughter ;-)

Our set-up at the beach:

We saw some beautiful sunsets!
Ignore the weird pink spot on Jeff's shirt. The camera put it there :(

Keeping warm with Grandpa Roger:

Jeff helping Stacey with our kite:
Stacey and I went horseback riding. Possible little-known fact about me: I used to show horses (and owned one for a bit with my mom). This made me want to ride more often!

We had a wonderful time. Thank you to Roger and Bonnie for a memorable trip...can't wait for the next one!

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