Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ainsley's Party and Monroe Fair

We went to Ainsley's first birthday party this last weekend in Puyallup. Ainsley is Jenn's daughter, and Jenn is a good friend from Central. Not only was it a great party (wouldn't expect anything less!), it was so nice to see some good friends that we don't get to see enough.

Payton (Mollie's), Kaitlyn, Paige (Kara's) and Blake (Jenn's) getting a wagon ride from Jeff.

Blake and Kaitlyn collecting rocks:

Paige and Payton having a tea party :)

The sweet birthday girl!

Kaitlyn feeding Blake's pet dinosaur. This was the last interaction she had with him. He moves and talks, and the kids weren't too thrilled with that :)

Blake had a popasan chair that was just right for Austen:

Just a random shot from home :) Austen is such a happy little girl...
Kara and I both had Monday off (I worked Tuesday-Friday last week, and our kids start school tomorrow), so we brought the girls to the Monroe Fair (well, the Evergreen State Fair). They had a blast, and so did we. :)
These little piggies were born two days earlier...cute!

They got to go in the petting zoo and do a little grocery trip beforehand:

Loves for the baby cow:

Lunch break! No, we did not try to coordinate their outfits.

We were walking along and saw a sign for pony rides. No way that our kids were old enough for that...wrong! They take 9 months and up (mommies walk beside the really little ones). We obviously could not pass this up! They strap 'em in really well, which was good because Kaitlyn wouldn't let go of her own hands long enough to hold on. :) I promise they had fun, even if they aren't looking too thrilled in the pictures. :)

Paige is a natural!

Doesn't she look excited?! ;-)

We also go to go on the carousel. Again, Kaitlyn did not look like she was enjoying it (not protesting, just straight-faced), but as soon as the ride stopped both girls made it clear they did not want to get off. :)

This is a picture of a picture because I was too lazy to scan it in, but we had to purchase the (overpriced) digital photo they took during the pony ride (we weren't allowed to take our own while they were posing, of course). I cannot look at this picture without laughing-she looks so darn cute!

Austen turned 5 months old on August 23rd, and of course I'm late on her picture. I'll post that soon. :)

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