Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Break

I can't get the text to go on top of this picture - good 'ole Blogspot. Above is Kaitlyn in her new toy. Well, not exactly her new toy, but Payton's on loan. She's enjoying having something new and exciting to play with! Jeff was SO excited to see yet another huge addition to our living room! :) Hey, at least this one we can give back when we are done...(much to Jayson's excitement, I'm sure).

We started giving Kaitlyn rice cereal last weekend. She's not getting much yet, but she seems to enjoy it! She's sitting in her high chair (thank you Auntie Megs and Carolyn!) like a big girl, too. She's doing well so far with the cereal, and we are excited to start other foods when she is six months old.

One of her best friends :)
She's just starting to pull her legs up when she's on her tummy. Uh oh...
We can't leave these two along together. Yuck!! :) (They both love it, as you can see.)
Big girl starting to sit up on her own!!
That's it for now. I am off work for spring break. Good thing, because Kaitlyn decided to get up a few extra times last night...hopefully that's just a fluke and not a new pattern. She does do that every once in a while to keep us on our toes. I'll just be hanging out and enjoying my daughter all week. Grandma Bonnie is doing me a huge favor and coming over to play with Kaitlyn while I go to work tomorrow to catch up (nothin' like unpaid hours when I already work too much!). Kaitlyn has started to recognize her grandparents, and gets excited when they walk in; too cute! She loves them. :)

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