Monday, March 16, 2009

Blogging From Work

Our computer at home is so dang slow that I decided to bring my camera in to work - much better! The kids have half days today and tomorrow so we can have conferences with parents.
I only have a short break, so that's all the update you get! Here are some pictures...

A seldom-seen sight: Kaitlyn napping unswaddled! It didn't last long, but she sure looked cute! :)

Helping Mrs. Collins finish report cards:

She loves playing in her crib :)

This is the backpack my parents got us for a shower. My family goes to Chelan every summer, and the summer when I was a baby, my dad was up with me at about 4:00 every morning, walking up and down the road with me in the backpack. He said he saw more sunrises that week than he ever had. So, he wanted Jeff to have a backpack for our Chelan trip this summer :) Kaitlyn and I had to try it out:
I have been trying forever to get video on here of Kaitlyn rolling from her back to her tummy. Our computer at home would never finish uploading it. So, here it is, a few weeks late!

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