Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Chelan -- Part Two

The rest of our trip:

 Austen went down the small slides by herself last year (toward the end of the day), but wasn't having it this year. She wasn't happy after this picture -- oops!

 Lakeview ice cream date with friends. From left: Charlotte, Owen, Carter, Kaitlyn, Austen, Campbell, Audrey, and Payton:

We went to dinner with the Meeks after Slidewaters (these are obviously out of order). The kids had a lot of (loud) fun. Check out the lady in the background of this picture. Sneezing? Telling a story? Either way, we got a good laugh. Makes me wonder if I've ever made it into someone's picture with a less than desirable face...

We tried paddle boarding. It was fun and great exercise...

K got to go out with Jeff. She loved it!

 So glad Rob was able to come again this year...

K was in the pool for most of the trip. (Brad and Judy visited for a day. It was fun having them there after so many years of missing them!)

Last evening ice cream walk (Uncle Rob is a good sport):

 No shame. Stuck 'em in front of a show to finish packing...

 The usual group pic right before we head out. They have a habit of not turning out great, but documentation is key.

The girls' new sand buckets. Classy! (It's possible that they once contained beverages.)

We stopped at the same little farm/play place that the girls and I did on our way back a few months ago. Same crazy cow train driver, and Austen was excited to reunite with the yellow plane swing.

K decided to skip the train this time, and instead hung with Grammie and Papa. It was pretty cute -- I asked her if she'd like to go pick out a treat and she said, "Um...nah...I'd rather sit and talk with Grammie and Papa." Such an adult. ;)

Chosen treats:

And there you have it: Chelan 2013. I'll eventually be posting a whole slew of DSLR pictures. I mostly use my phone these days, and forget about the ones on my card. For another day. We've been out and about most days and the whole fam is exhausted when we're home. We're soakin' up the summer and our house and yard show it, but we made a conscious decision to be okay with that right now.

Here's to stretchin' these summer days!


Julie said...

We WILL get there one of these years!!! Miss you on IG! Are you getting ready for school or do you get to take the year off again?

Lisa said...

Hi Julie! :)
You must get there!! ;) I'm missing IG...will be back eventually--I was getting annoyed at myself for checking my phone so often for various things :)
I'm taking another year! I'll be subbing 1-2 times a week again, and looking into districts closer to home. Crossing my fingers for an elementary PE job! ;)
Hope you and your sweet family are well!

Julie said...

Closer to home? How far was your last school? Our first house was a MUCH longer commute for me, it's a BIG deal! I'm jealous you get to be home!!!! Enjoy! :) (and yes, totally get the ridiculous phone checking!)

Lisa said...

It's about a 40 minute morning commute and often longer getting home...could be worse, but I'd love to work in the girls' district when they start, too :) Feeling pretty lucky to be home again :)