Sunday, November 27, 2011

K's 3rd Birthday Party

We had our traditional, as "low-key" as possible (ha!) party at our house for Kaitlyn's 3rd birthday. We even tried to "limit" the guests for this one. It's hard because both Jeff and I want to include all of our friends, and between the two of us, there are getting to be many with kids. Gosh, it's hard to be so popular (KIDDING!) ;-)

Anyway, we had a great little party, and Kaitlyn really enjoyed herself, which is of course what mattered most. She greeted her guests at the door with, "You wanna come to my birthday party?" She was SO excited every time the doorbell rang. Kaitlyn being this excited was so fun, because she's officially at that age where she understands enough for it to be that way.

As usual, I am not going to do well at choosing pictures to post, so I'll include way too many!

I finally bought the official cake pop book, and found these cute monkeys. As usual, they took some time, but I enjoy it as long as I tell myself beforehand that it will take a while. :-) 

Not part of the party, but a project I finished that morning. I found this idea on Pinterest for displaying the girls' artwork. My mom happened to have these old frames, which I spray painted turquoise. I'm using that sticky putty stuff (official name, I'm sure) to change out the projects without leaving marks on the wall. I have to say that I'm really happy with it!
This idea was stolen (shamelessly) from Kara. We blew up a package of balloons and put them in Kaitlyn's room after she feel asleep. She woke up to these all over her floor, as well as a new Pillow Pet sleeping next to her. She walked into our room the morning of her birthday, looking a bit bewildered with a balloon and Pillow pet in her hands, and said, "I have balls and a pillow pet in my room!"

After their morning "we have to be clean for the big party" bath, the girls were cleaning their babies together. This was one of those moments that have become my favorite, where I walk in to them quietly playing together. I love it even more when it includes imaginative play because they are creating it together. :-)

Party time!

Kaitlyn and Paige enjoying party snacks
This was one of the cutest things I've ever seen. I walk in, and Lola (the oldest there - 2nd grade) had all of the younger kids sitting in these chairs, facing her. She was the teacher. Love it!!

Gifts! I love how kids have this unspoken rule that they all help each other open gifts. I also love that it takes the job from Jeff and me. ;-)

These two were pretty cute. Owen was Kaitlyn's official helper...he did great. :-)

Kaitlyn paiting Paige's nails. They were both so patient!
My parents got Kaitlyn a Strider Bike. We decided to wait for guests to leave before my dad got it out of the car.

Jeff's parents got her the perfect helmet and bell to go with her new bike. That's what I call coordination ;-)

And a random for the end. Austen trying on Daddy's shoes

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