Sunday, October 23, 2011


Jeff and I feel extremely fortunate that so many of our close friends have kids around the same age as Kaitlyn and Austen. Some we see more often than others, but any time we get together, the kids have a blast and it's like no time has passed. Being parents is the greatest blessing, and being parents alongside some of our favorite people is just lucky.

In September, I took the girls (Jeff was at his Alta trip with the boys) up to Mollie and Jayson's house in Marysville for a get together. We got to see their new, hard-earned back was almost enough inspiration to weed our small front garden. Almost. Really, though, their yard is absolutely beautiful, with a nice, big patio and a fire pit. The kids all had a great time together. It's nice that, even though this group doesn't see each other often, they can still play together like they do. :)
Back: Carter, Blake, Patyon, Paige
Front: Ainsley, Kaitlyn, Austen

Kaitlyn is still wary of fires from her summer experience, but she was much better and actually played around it a bit without getting scared. Progress!

We got to roast marshmallows!

The kids all snuggled up for a movie toward the end of the evening. I think it was inspired by Kaitlyn having had enough fire bravery for one night. :)

Why not add in an August play date. Kara and I took the girls up to Forest Park in Everett one morning, and it was freezing (in August). We decided to head back to my house, and by the time we got there the sun was out. Gotta love the $9.99 Fred Meyer kiddie pool.

A day trip to the Underwood's cabin:

We are nearing the end of the Collins family blog marathon. I think I'm in the home stretch!

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