Sunday, March 6, 2011

Stories and Pictures

It seems that Kaitlyn has a new saying every day. She picks things up from adults and uses them frequently. ;-) Her current faves are "Okay?" after almost every sentence: "I need to go get my book, okay?" "You can go get a toy, okay?" and "Probably (more like prolly)," which is sometimes used correctly, other times snuck in randomly. Jeff asked her the other night during bedtime (when they were looking out the window) if she thought there were any kitties out there. "No, they're prolly inside...sleepin.'" Other times it's more like "Prolly I'll get my toy."

Jeff told Kaitlyn the other day that she would get to play with Grandma and Grandpa this weekend while Mommy and Daddy go to a movie. She giggled and said, "You're gonna snuggle with Mama!" Never a dull moment :-)

Jeff got up at 5:30 with Austen on Saturday (her wake up time this weekend - why?!), so Austen and I got up together this morning while Daddy and Kaitlyn slept. As I think I said in a previous post, Austen idolizes her big sister, but sure enjoys have a few moments where she can rule the roost and play with anything she wants. :-)

Austen's peaceful morning:

Sitting in Kaitlyn's chair...shh! She'll be getting one of her own for her birthday, just like Kaitlyn did. This chair has been a big hit, which is good because it's not the cheapest one in the world. ;-)
Snack time:
I had to get a picture of their outfits - we love the long sleeve under the short sleeve look over here :-)
I am in the habit of getting Starbucks oatmeal on the weekends (well, until my gift cards run out). Kaitlyn has been getting my dried fruit and loves it :-) A little sugar in the morning gets a kid goin', right?

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