Thursday, February 18, 2010

Just Some Pictures (okay, a lot)

Kaitlyn continues to enjoy putting socks on. Including Dada's:

Getting huge! I'm starting to wonder what that belly will look like in a month...
The original idea was to have Kaitlyn hold the sign. Don't know what I was thinking (keep in mind this is supposed to be a "belly picture").

K and I went over to Mollie's new house up in Marysville with some of the girls on Monday. Their house is so nice, and of course Mollie has it decorated perfectly (wanna come do my house, Molls?) I really admire her for her decorating ability! :)
Kaitlyn was enjoying looking out the window into the backyard where Mollie's husband, Jayson, was working. I love how she's resting her little chin on her arm and gazing...melts Mama's heart. :)

Some of the girls: Paige, Kaitlyn, Payton, and newborn baby Campbell:
This cracks me up! I asked Paige to say "cheese," and this is what I got: (she does actually give smiles when you say this, but I thought I'd share this one :))

Now that Kaitlyn is walking all over the place, she loves to carry things with her. Goin' shopping!

We have given up on the spoon for a bit and introduce the fork. Much easier!
My Aunt Ellen is an amazing knitter. She made these adorable little "elf" shoes for Kaitlyn. She's so talented!! I believe that they are "felted" as well (my limited craft knowledge is showing here).

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That's my middle name said...

Awww, they do fit! Cute. Yep, the slippers are felted - good job! Looking forward to seeing you soon!