Monday, September 28, 2009

Golf Tournament

That's right...I played in a golf tournament - all 18 holes! This was my first time playing all 18, and it was LOOOOOOONNNNGGGG. But, we were with Brian and Lindsey, so that made it fun. :) Lindsey's school district was doing a fund raiser, so they invited us to be on their team. We had a good time!

Lindsey and I were pretty pround of ourselves for making it all the way to the 18th hole with no major breakdowns...

And it wouldn't be a good post with pics of Kaitlyn. Grandpa Rick and Grandma Sue came over on Saturday to hang out with her while we were golfing. They brought her a birthday present, which she LOVES. It's a train that plays all kinds of learning songs and games. It has a little "caboose" that she can sit on, and it can be detached so the engine can be used as a push toy. Anyway, she is loving it!

And here is Kaitlyn is Payton's hat. It was too cute not to get a pic :)

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