Monday, July 20, 2009

Summer :)

Last weekend, I went to Crescent Bar with some girlfriends from college, and we had a blast. We stayed in a condo with a beautiful view of the river, and a pool just steps from the back door. It was so nice to just relax and get some quality girl time. I think all we did was laugh. :) I didn't get great pictures, but here are a few randoms (and of course they are out of order):

Kelly on the bull:

Me on the bull:
Abby, Lisa, Heather:

The view from our back patio - so nice!!

Poor Heather slipped and fell on her way into the pool. Didn't let go of her chips till the very end, though!

A few of Kaitlyn's new tricks:

Holding her own bottle - she's still working on it :)

Reading her books. Goodnight Moon and "Are You Ticklish?" are her favorites.

She started pulling herself up about a week ago. This is usually how you'll find her after naps :)

This is a fun one (sarcasm alert). She smashes her fingers in the drawer, and then there's the fear that she's going to pull the dresser down on top of herself...

She is also enjoying clapping and getting into a sitting up position from laying down :)

This our is our newest addition this summer: our vegetable garden! We are growing zucchini, cucumbers, beans (bush and climbing), lettuce, carrots, and peas. And, we have tomatoes in the back yard. We have been enjoying salads using our lettuce (yum!) and the zucchinis are ready to go - they are getting huge! The rest is almost there. We are having a good time. :)

Kaitlyn having a good time looking outside - it didn't take her long to realize that she wasn't going to be able to escape through the screen.

This is another "new addition." This piece was down at my Grandma Donnie and Grandpa Ed's house. The dresser was purchased, and Grandpa built, painted, and added the hutch on top. I LOVE it! It's currently decorated for July.

Child-proofing is in full swing! Kaitlyn is moving so fast now that we have to bite the bullet and do some major thinking about what she might get into (okay, we really haven't had to think much, as she does a really good job showing us). We (meaning Jeff) put up the first baby gate last night. It has to be mounted because it's at the top of the stairs. We'll put a pressure-mounted one at the bottom of the stairs to the right. This will keep her contained in the middle floor and give her plenty of room for exercise. :)

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