Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Quick Update and Some Pics

This will be quick, but there's not too much that's new anyway. Jeff being done with school has been, well, a big relief. It's SO nice being able to do things without planning around his homework load. Ahhh...
I now have THREE more "wake-ups" before I'm done for the summer. WOO-HOO!! I cannot wait to spend two months with my baby girl, and to go do some fun things with friends and family. Jeff went this past weekend over to Alta Lake for a golfing trip, and I head off in mid-July for a girls' weekend at Crescent Bar. Can't wait!
Here are a few pictures from the past month or so for your viewing pleasure:

Kaitlyn loving her teddy bear. Jeff and I bought this from FAO Schwartz on one of our Vegas trips, and said that we would give it to our first baby someday... (awww...:))

So proud of her sippy cup. :)

In my opinion: Cutest picture ever:

Trying on Daddy's hat:

We stopped at the Carter's outlet on our way home from Portland the other weekend, and Jeff is showing his delight with this:

Kaitlyn had a blast on the king size hotel bed in Portland:

Don't know if I posted this in a previous one...

I accidentally posted this one again and can't delete it!

Kaitlyn and Paige catching up on what they did last weekend:

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