Thursday, August 7, 2008


I thought I would give a quick update on the life of the Collins family. :)
Jeff is continuing to work hard (too hard, if you ask me) in his master's program. The poor guy always has a paper to work on, is working full time, and really has to juggle other activities. He tries to fit in the "fun stuff," but unfortunately, that hasn't been easy. We are both looking forward to the "end" next spring. He is a trooper!
The end is in sight for me. This weekend will be my final presentation for my program, and I will be completely finished after Sunday. Just in time! Let's just say that I am ready to move on, and reap the financial benefits... :) Funny how having a baby on the way makes that even more appealing!
I had my monthly "baby appointment" today, and everything is looking great. Kaitlyn was measuring big at my last two appointments, but is now supposedly measuring right on track. We'll see if she gets another major growth spurt; I'm still not convinced that she's going to be under 9 pounds. :) I am now officially in the 3rd trimester (28 weeks), and will now start seeing my doctor every 3 weeks. Time is flying!! We are so excited for everything to come, but are grateful to have a few more months to get ready.
Rob (my brother) moved back from Colorado a couple of months ago (yay!:)), and he's been helping (mentoring? He worked for a painting company in CO) Jeff paint the nursery. They just finished painting the other day, and it looks beautiful, if you ask me. I am so happy with how the colors turned out, am extremely grateful for all of their hard work (I picked out the colors, and they went from there ;)), and am excited about decorating now. :) We got a crib and changing table a few weeks ago, so those will be going in soon. For now, here's a couple of pictures of the colors. The pics definetely don't do it justice. It's yellow on top and brownish/beige on the bottom:

And, for some entertainment, here's a picture from last night. My friend Tracie is moving to Austin, TX next week, so there was a little send-off gathering. I am sporting a plastic visor with shades connected to it. There's a lever that brings down the shades - yep, coolest thing ever.
I feel like I get bigger by the day! Can't imagine the waddling that will be happening before this is all said and done...

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