Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tired of Baby Stuff Yet?

Okay, here are a couple of updated nursery pictures. I promise (well, maybe...) to wait until it's done to post any more. Here is the hutch/changing table, and below is the crib (in case you couldn't figure it out ;)) . We love how the colors look with the rest of the room. It's so hard to know until actually seeing it. I have to say that actually having the crib in her room makes things seem just a little bit more "real." We can't believe that she's going to be actually using this stuff in less than three months. :)
We are very, very lucky to have received our "BOB" (brand) stroller from Jeff's parents. This is a very generous gift, and we are so excited to have the coolest stroller ever (in our opinion...) It's a jogger, but is a bit more compact than others, and has a rotating front wheel, so it turns like a champ. The front wheel can be locked for jogging. Bonnie and Roger also bought the "infant seat adaptor" so that Kaitlyn's carseat can fit in during the early months. We are so spoiled!!
Here is the stroller. I came upstairs the other day to see that Jeff had put Riley in it to "practice." I made him reinact it for a picture, and I'm sure that Jeff will be thrilled to see that it made it on here. :) (I'm too lazy to go back and rotate the picture.)

Jeff wanted to practice taking it up stairs. Riley was a great sport! our lives have changed already; why would we want to go out on a Friday night when we have a stroller to play with?!
We have our first baby class this evening at the hospital. Tonight is "Newborn Care," tomorrow is "Breastfeeding Basics," and we have an intensive (all day) birthing class next weekend. Bring it on! I'm sure they will all be interesting...(they better be for what they charge!)
That's "all" for now!

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