Sunday, July 6, 2008

Couples' Shower and Family Picnic

Lisa, Mollie, Jenni, Ben, Jayson, and Jeff at Kara and Travis's couples' shower - the one picture I have, and they aren't even in it. :)
We had a big "Gowey family picnic" at my aunt and uncle's house in Olympia. They have a big, beautiful house and property; perfect for some good old-fashioned Gowey fun. Even though it was about 95 degrees all day, we still had fun.
My cousin Amanda - she didn't look too thrilled to run through the sprinkler :)
Her sister Kayla had a blast, though.

My dad with his 3 brothers. We decided to let Riley off his leash since they live far from the road. This was a treat for him, so he proceeded to run around for about 3 hours straight, chasing birds and butterflies (or their shadows, whichever caught his eye first. He ended up with huge blisters on his poor little feet by the end of the day.

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