Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July and Anniversary

We had our families over for the 4th this year to BBQ. We decided to go up to the firework stand on our street to get a few things to join the fun. Riley is definitely NOT a fan of fireworks, and was a complete basketcase from about 8:00 until the explosions finally tapered off at around midnight. Poor guy :(
We are in an unincorporated county, so fireworks get a little crazy at our house - they literally go nonstop EVERYWHERE for about 4 hours with NO breaks in between - headache!!
Stacey (Jeff's sister) made Kaitlyn a cute quilt :)
Our 2 year anniversary was on the 1st, so we treated ourselves to a nice dinner and a walk by the beach. :)

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Eliza said...

Happy Anniversary! :)