Friday, February 18, 2011


My cousin Eliza snagged this dollhouse from her old job and needed a good home for it. It was used in a window display, so it's just bare bones, but it's actually a pretty neat dollhouse and is perfect for little kids. I really like the front, but will have to get a picture when Austen isn't being put to bed (it's in her room - the only current space that made sense - it's not small!). :-) We put a few things in it tonight from one of my old plastic dollhouses, and even with just those, Kaitlyn could have played for hours. Call me a nerd, but I have plans for paint and to figure out how to make simple accessories for the different rooms. I think it will be fun! Maybe a summer project...

My mom gave this to me a few years ago, and it's been sitting on top of our entertainment center with plans of hanging it as a knick-knack shelf. I believe it's an old milk carrier/crate/whatever. Anyway, my dad got a picture hook on it, so it's finally where it is supposed to be. I was excited to fill it, so it may change, but I found enough to fit for the time being. The red doll, roosters, and angel (the left one) are from my grandma and grandpa's house. The pink angel on the bottom right was what I gave my grandma Donnie when she was in the hospital, so she is obviously special. The creamer on the bottom left is from my Aunt Beth from Germany. The girls' hospital bracelets somehow made it in there, too. :-)

As usual, Austen looks like she dwarfs Kaitlyn, but we figured we would let Kaitlyn "feed Austen" once more before she's done with her bottles. She had fun. :-)
I went off to Yakima for a baby shower with my girlfriends last weekend, so Jeff set up a play date with some of his friends on Saturday. Reina, Lola, and Olivia came to play, and it sounds like they had a great time.

Kaitlyn and Austen love to play in their cribs together. Yes, our child needs a haircut and no, she has never had one. We have it in our near-future plans. ;-) We only notice it in the mornings before the pig tails go in!

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