Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Project/Austen's New Tricks

I am still having fun with crochet when I get a chance. I need quick projects since I only have time to do a bit here and there. These animals are perfect for that. This bunny is for Kaitlyn, since Austen adopted the monkey I made before she was born. The great thing about making things for kids is that they don't notice or care about the mistakes. ;-)

Austen has started pushing this play table across the room. She also starting saying "bye-bye" (ba-ba in response to us saying bye-bye) and waving as she says it. Both of these things happened last night. Jeff and I were both looking at each other in amazement...it was just crazy how fast it felt. She has also gone from "scooting" to full crawling, and the girl can move. These milestones are so fun and exciting, but as I always say, a bit bitter-sweet. It **almost** makes me tempted to consider three kids, but if I went by that reasoning we'd end up in competition with the Duggers. ;-)

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The Meek Family said...

lisa, that bunny is adorable!!! i tried to start learning to crochet a couple months ago, but have not gotten very far....great job!! :-)