Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ten Months Old!! (And More!)

Okay, so I have obviously been slacking on this, so I've got quite a picture update to do.

I go back to work on Monday (with staff only), then kiddos start on Tuesday the 1st. I am excited to go back for the most part, but of course sad to leave Kaitlyn after spending the whole summer with her. She'll be with my parents on Mondays, Grandma Bonnie on Tuesdays, and in day care for Wed.-Fri. We are really happy with the day care we found, and are excited for her to have the opportunity to play with other kids. We'll see how it goes! :)
We have been busy this summer, but doing a lot of fun things: Chelan, weddings, Jeff to bachelor parties and to Alta Lake for golfing, birthday parties, etc. As usual, every summer weekend has been occupied!

What's new with Kaitlyn, you ask? Well, I'm glad you asked because I've been wanting to share. Here's a list covering the past few months:

1. LOVES clapping. So cute :)
2. Graduated a month ago to "real" crawling, but still resorts to army crawling about a 1/4 of the time. Each gets her places a little too quickly these days!
3. Pulling up and standing steadily. She even stood on her own for a few seconds - ahh!!
4. Just starting to "cruise" while holding on to things. We are still a ways off from walking, I'm sure. Maybe by first bday? Or later...
5. "Talking" non-stop. This girl looooves to babble allll day long. It's so fun hearing her find new sounds.
6. Officially blowing raspberries! She's been trying to do this for months!
7. We have SIX teeth! (Two bottom, four top)
8. Feeding herself. Being fed with a spoon is SOOO last week, if you ask her. Nope, I'm feeding myself or I'm not eating, thank you very much.
9. Loooooooves her sippy cup, and is now an expert sippy cup drinker ;)
10. Climbing stairs. We gotta watch this one really closely (we can't afford 4 baby gates!) - she has gotten SO quick!
11. Being read to (and turning the pages) and now "reading" to herself.
12. Playing with Riley
13. Being "silly" - she's figuring out what makes us laugh :) (Including picking Mama's nose :))
14. Getting the hang of waving!
15. Making it virtually impossible to change her or put pants on. This one is fun!

Okay, here are some pictures. Stay tuned for more on Monday! (They upload much faster from work.)

My good friend Tracie was in town from Texas a few weeks ago. The girls got together for a "catch-up" day. :) Here's Trace, Me, Meagan, and Kaitlyn:

So proud of herself :) I love this picture - notice she's so advanced that she can read upside down! ;)

All of the girls at Paige Underwood's first birthday party. I can't believe this little girl is one!! We had a great time at the party.
I love this pic of some of the boys. Jeff/Kaitlyn, Colin (Gina)/Brinnley, Jayson (Mollie)/Carter
Paige doing a great job with her "smash cake." :)

Precious little Carter. He is Mollie and Jayson's new addition (they are now a family of four!) He was born on August 4th.

Me and Gina with our girls:
Jeff and Carter:

Kaitlyn in the grass (looking kind of disgusted, actually, but I promise she was having fun! :)) at Paige's party:

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Colin and Gina Davis said...

Great pictures! That spider is freaking nasty by the way. I would have LOVED to hear the scream come out of you when you saw it!