Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009!

I have been trying to update our blog for the past couple of weeks, and can't get pictures to upload for some reason. It just stalls after it says that it's "100%." If anyone who uses Blogger has any advice, it would be appreciated! :) They finally worked this time, but it took for.ever. Things are going well in the Collins household. I am still off work until mid-February, and Boeing gives Jeff about a week and a half off during the holidays. We have been enjoying some good family time. :) We have been very busy, of course, with something to do almost every day. We had a wonderful first Christmas with Kaitlyn. Christmas Eve was spent at Jeff's dad's house in Kent (Grandpa Rick and Grandma Sue), Christmas morning at Gma Bonnie's and Gpa Roger's, and the rest of Christmas at Gma Debbie's and Gpa Dave's. It was very laid back and relaxing, which was perfect! Kaitlyn got her 2 month shots on the 23rd, and apparently wasn't feeling well from them, so it was an interesting few evenings after that. She was a little crankster, but is now back to her sweet self. :) I felt so bad that she obviously wasn't feeling well. At her two month appointment, Kaitlyn weighed in at 11 lbs., 15oz., and 24 inches long (however, I think the length is a bit off - the girl was pulling her legs down so much that her head wasn't touching the top of the measuring thingy), which puts her around the 80th percentile for weight and 95th for height (if the 24 inches was correct). She's doing great! She has been very good to her mommy and daddy, sleeping 7-9 hours each night. We are currently working on getting her to nap well somewhere besides on a person. I have been trying this for a while with not much luck (her record in her crib is 35 min. at a time, and that was a really good day - it's usually 20 min.), but I will be on a mission next week when our schedule is back to "normal." It's really hard when we are always going somewhere and not staying home. Our biggest reason for wanting this to happen is that she will be going to day care three days a week when I go back to work, and we don't want her to have to be held all the time because they won't be able to do that! She is smiling all the time now, which is the best thing ever; we can't get enough of it. She is finding her voice and making new sounds all the time.
The other night, we left Kaitlyn with Great Uncle Mike, Great Aunt Debbie, and cousin Caiti while we went downtown for Happy Hour. This was about the fourth time we have left her for a few hours, and it's getting a little easier for me. It's definitely much easier for Jeff since he goes to work, but I am still working on it. :) She takes a bottle at home just fine, but has had trouble with it every time we've left her. So, not only is she starving, but this means that she cries and cries for whoever has her. We don't want that for her or for her babysitters, obviously, so we are going to have to keep working with the bottle. It was fun to walk around downtown while the lights are still up. We went to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse for appetizers and a drink, then to Benihana for the same thing. :) We enjoyed it so much that we went back the next day with Kaitlyn for some shopping and lunch. For New Year's Eve, Jeff, Kaitlyn, Riley, and I hung out at home with pizza and ice cream. We had a LOST (tv series) marathon on DVD, and enjoyed a quiet night at home until the fireworks started. We live in an unincorporated county, so they are legal. Kaitlyn is obviously a pretty heavy sleeper when she gets going because the boys down the street were setting off what must have been m-80's pretty much right outside her window, and not a peep. The explosions were coming through her monitor they were so loud. I thought for sure she was going to wake up after a particularly hard time going to sleep. I felt so "old" because I was ready to go out and give those "pesky teenagers" a piece of my mind if she woke up...
Whew! There you go. Jeff's on baby duty, so the update got a little long...Here are some pictures!

Worn out from the Christmas festivities...

Uncle Rob showing her the tree

Kaitlyn watched everything Grandpa did :)
A teddy bear from Gma Bonnie and Gpa Roger:

The fam "all dressed up" :)

In her dress from Grandma Bonnie:

Kaitlyn next to her gift from Mom and Dad: A Galloping Jumperoo to use in a couple of months. She looks pretty excited, huh!

I'm a dork, so I took a picture of her first Christmas tag from us :)

I have more pictures that I wanted to post, but it's not working! I'll try again later...

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