Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Breaks for the Collins Family

Jeff had his last night of class last night, and is now taking a six week break. Thank goodness! He needs it. Although this will mean going a bit longer in the end, it will be worth taking a breather and spending quality time with his daughter when she arrives. :)
I am taking my maternity leave three days early, so my last day of work will be Friday! My blood pressure has been up at my last two appointments, and both the nurse and the doctor asked me if I would be able to take time this week to relax. Not with teaching! For my health and for Kaitlyn's, I am going to just be done a bit earlier. I will still go back to work on February 12th, as originally planned. I will honestly be sad to leave my kids on Friday, but won't complaining about some R&R before all heck breaks loose. :) Apparently I have been overdoing it. :) So, these next few days will be probably be long ones, making sure that I am as prepared as possible for the long-term sub, but after Friday I am LETTING GO!
There isn't much else to report. Not really any more progress, but I keep telling myself that doesn't mean anything. However, I am beginning to believe that I will be joining the "late club." Oh, well! She'll be here when she's ready, and we can't wait. :) I am 39 weeks tomorrow; one week from our due date. Our bags are packed and the carseat is in the car. C'mon, Kaitlyn!
We'll keep everyone posted!

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