Monday, May 26, 2008

Ocean Shores

Jeff has the week off from school, which will be the last one of those before baby Collins arrives, so we decided to take advantage of that (and the 3-day weekend) and head off to Ocean Shores for a couple of nights. It was a really nice little getaway.
Here's my debut at 9 holes of golf. Here I am practicing for what I'm sure was a horrible shot.

Here's Jeff taking a much better shot.

This is our hotel from the beach.

This is what we like to call "my turn" for choosing what we do. :) I used to ride horses, so this was the one thing I wanted to be sure we did. Jeff was a great sport. :)

The view from our hotel room.

There were kites everywhere!
A cool tree root on the beach
This guy (can you see him? Or her?) was right in front of us on the path to the beach. I would have run right into it if Jeff hadn't have stopped me.

Sunset :)

In other news...less than two weeks until the "big ultrasound"! We can hardly wait...I have started (I think...99% sure?) to feel the baby move a few times a day. Jeff is looking forward to being able to feel it, too. I am in my 18th week...

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