Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sushi and Guitar Hero

Last night, we went out to Sushi with the Appersons and the Osaki. Michelle knows the owner, so we got the special treatment, including free sake and picking every option in the place that wasn't raw for me. The boys had a little too much fun with "Sake Bombs" while we girls wondered what we had ever seen in them (just kidding :-))

Jeff carefully preparing for the "drop."
Michelle preparing to pound the table so that Mark's shot will drop into his beer. I am standing back so I don't get splashed.

There they go...

After a REALLY fun drive back to the Apperson's (I was DD), it was time for a Guitar Hero battle. It was a close match between the girls, but the boys were in a league of their own after the "fun" at the restaurant. Good times!

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